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Catalina Cruz Blog
Catalina Cruz Blog

It’s a day of work and play. Fridays seem to always be more laid back, love them even though I don’t have a normal job, it’s just a happier day when Friday rolls around. Good vibe:)

So, I took a break from the computer today and took my kitten outside with me for a bit. I never let him go out without me. Well, it jumped right into the pool! Then wanted to run inside obviously. So, here is a pic of Solider Boy and my reaction when he was heading for the hills. I felt badly but it was so adorable. I LOVE animals. They love you no matter what!!

Sending all of you love today!! My next live show is Now Wednesday, April 15th. See you then boys, I’ll bring the toys:)

Catalina Cruz

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3 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Club Soda Not Seals

  1. scott

    Very Nice shoot of Solider Boy Catalina he so cute
    wow that shoot looks so tight on you Catalina very sexy. I wish 2 photo was bigger lol.

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