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I have such a passion for beauty products. I am always trying new ones and rating them just for fun. I have done it for years. So, I think it is time for me to venture out into the mainstream beauty world and have a special blog just for girls. Sorry guys… this blog is mainly for you and always will be:) So, I started working on a new adventure in my spare time which means not much time but I will make it happen. I was really inspired when I was taking a hot shower today and rubbing ocean salt all over my body, a product I love by the company, LUSH. I just love their natural products. They are such sexy products with amazing aromas and they have a line for men too.

Anyway, this is what I am also working on and wanted to share it with you all. I am having a blast working on it. This is my qoute of the day on my twitter…. “If you love what you do, you will be successful.” That is so true to me.

Here is a behind of scenes of me in the makeup chair, speaking of beauty products.

LUSHfully yours,

Catalina Cruz

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8 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Beauty Venture

  1. Catalina Cruz Post author

    btw… my heart and passion will always be number one with my porn site, David. I accidentally deleted your post *wink* Check out the members area when you have a moment. Two new boy-girl videos of me went up this past week along with two new photosets within a week or so. Not sure what you are seeing. xoxo

  2. TikiDude

    You obviousely love what you do, you are amazing and great at it. I hope you are as successful as it appears you should be! Happy April Fools day – don’t get too many pranks pulled on you 😛

  3. David

    Thanks Catalina for the reply.

    I made the comment as I wanted to see more of you because you are so beautiful, and I always look forward to seeing your latest photos.

  4. Catalina Cruz Post author

    Hi David…. yes more glamour kinky photosets will be coming. You can make requests anytime. I like to hear what you guys are wanting more of. Usually though if I put up a new photoset then someone prefers a video and vice versa. I’ll keep you coming *wink* no worries.

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