Catalina Cruz ass play

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When I look at photos from my live shoots, I realize just how much I enjoy what I do. A friend told me it looked like I always have a sparkle in my eye in photos. I know its because I truly do love it. I wouldn’t change it for the world. They always say make sure you love what you choose to do because you will be doing it for a long time. I’m happy I fell into the hands of the internet. I’ve met so many people I never would have and experienced a lot that I would of missed out on if I wouldn’t of done this.

Here are some candid/non-pro photos from a live shoot day that just went up for my members.

My upcoming live shows will be March 1st, live solo nude chat with toys and March 6th will be a live full sex boy/girl show.

Catalina Cruz

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2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz ass play

  1. JOE G.

    I agree! Its time to see Catalina in some mainstream scenes, suckin on multiple dicks for example…..

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