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One of the most asked questions I get is… Do you do anal sex or do you like anal sex?

The answer is yes and yes when I am very aroused I love it. My orgasms are amazing when I lie face down and can play with clit at the same time. I dont do anal a ton so its still fresh, exciting and kinky to me when I have it. I also lately have enjoyed having a little double penetration with a toy along with the real thing. Really loving that!!

 FYI… if you are first starting with your wife/girlfriend please go slow and I would highly suggest she use and play with an anal toy for a week or so before you have anal for the very first time. Don’t go back and forth of course from anal to vaginal sex. If you start with one stick with it until the happy ending:)

Just thought I’d share the answer to one of the most asked questions during live shows, twitter and email.

My next live show is tomorrow, Wednesday April 28th at 1pm est.


Catalina Cruz

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8 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz anal

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  2. Randall North

    Oh my god Catalina… for that you`re one of my favorites PornStars, you are sexy, you are hot, you are beatiful… YOU MAKE ME CRAZY!!!!

  3. sandro lameu

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