Catalina Cruz set for a live military appreciation blowbang with 4 studs March 14, 2017

Good Morning! I was up bright and early this morning playing with a bull terrier. I watched her overnight. This breed has obsessive complusive disorder for sure and it is all about play with me 24/7. I love it though. She was an angel during the night and just slept. I think she was nice and wore out which makes for a good dog:) Anyway, I love and enjoy the simple things in life too. It keeps me happy and grounded.

I also want to give a huge salute to all military men and women all around the world, not just here in the US. I understand how much you all are away from your families and how difficult it is to serve and protect just from having family in the military. My love goes out to all of you around the world. It takes a lot of giving of yourself. In honor of all of you, I have planned a live special military themed cam event for March 14th, in just two weeks!

My live military blowbang will be Tuesday, March 14th at 8pm est. Porn star Lieutenant Mercedes Carrera will be joining me in the blow drill! I am so excited and invite you to attend our live cam event and watch. If you can’t make it, please remember all my shows are archived forever.

My next live solo cam & chat is this Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 8pm EST. Come play and interact with me. I hope you are having a very, happy weekend. Always on my mind! Love my members! XoXo Catalina Cruz

4 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz set for a live military appreciation blowbang with 4 studs March 14, 2017

  1. Rick

    Really wish you do a ” Fuck a Fan” sweepstakes. It would be great if you gave a fan the opportunity of a lifetime.
    Would also love for you to go completely bald on your pussy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Would also love to see a way that all tattoos are covered up in some way. Love you, love your personality, love your humility, but the tattoos are the only thing I was makeup could cover up for a scene. Your face is utterly flawless.

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