Catalina Cruz live blowbang to bring in the new year on January 12, 2016

I get butterflies in my stomach when a New Year begins because you just never know what is going to be in store for a new year. What will happen or what will get thrown at you. This past year was filled with a lot of hard work, happiness, tears and memorable moments. What fans don’t see is just how much goes into running adult websites and just how much thought and time goes into it. I am so very grateful for having people that enjoy watching what we do and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me. I wish for all of you to get to your goals this coming year whatever they may be and that you are healthy, happy and have peace. Basically all good things. Life isn’t always all good but sometimes we need the bad moments to happen to get to the good.

Catalina Cruz 2016 New Years Blowbang Live 4K Porn – January 12, 2016

So…. to bring in a brand New Year… 2016… I have a special cam event scheduled for Tuesday, January 12th at 7pm est. A live blowbang (4 guy blowjob) show. My goal for this year is to get in the best shape ever so I will get a sexy workout with four mma trainers. Marcus London, Ryan McLane, Jack Vegas and Tommy Utah will be live with me for this show.

Thank you again for an amazing year! Happy New Year!!!!!!! 2016 Are you ready???
Catalina Cruz

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15 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz live blowbang to bring in the new year on January 12, 2016

  1. Mc Curty Boy

    hopefully she gets her beautiful face coated in warm man cum this time. Let us hope the four the guys like to inseminate pretty faces. Catalina undoubtedly has a perfect nice jerk face!!!!!!!

  2. tschekov

    100% agree to Mc Curty Boy. I hope the four guys will save enough cum loads for her to cover her pretty smiling face with their sperm goo. Four cocks is a lot of work for Catalina anyway may be she will milking more cocks at the same time in future!?

  3. M.

    she is so a lovely woman. i love to watch her while some hard cocks are filling up her sweet mouth with warm cumshots

  4. Certoscu

    Catalina Cruz is a sensational beautiful , gorgeous woman . She makes great live shows . I hope for more blowbangs with more men or a gangbang this year!

  5. Stacy

    I would love to see a tropical threesome/ DP scene with Ramon Nomar under a waterfall in an exotic location, while you are cussing like a sailor in the scene! While getting a DP, I would like for the camera to show Brandon’s reaction to the scene! That would be hot as hell!!

  6. Stacy

    Could you also please do a scene, where your pussy is completely bald? Can you please shave it completely? Please!!!!

  7. volvov Molovik

    it would be nice if this great woman would show more of her talents this year . a horny gangbang action show with 2-4 guys who fuck her in her holes would be great . also a nice bukkake action with full insemination of her beautiful face …. her fans would be thankful!


    Good idea to start the year with a blowbang!I think it’s time she shows us her DP skills, or even a gangbang. She is taking dicks in her mouth so easily and regularly these days that i feel DP is just around the corner.
    Great body and an excellent performer! Always great work! Thanks Catalina Cruz!!!!

  9. Kim

    Please do DP!!! Please!!! I am begging you on my knees for that scene! Been begging for that for some time!

  10. CatalinaConnoisseur

    You really should let Marcus London eat you out this time, love to see your reaction from someone who’s put out How To DVds on the subject 🙂

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