Catalina Cruz role playing my blonde alter ego

I love role playing. I always have. I have loved acting since I was a young girl when I took acting lessons and wrote plays. I just was always attracted to making believe and pretending. To me, it is really about letting your inhibitions go and becoming someone else which can be hard for so many. I was in the mood to change it up and be blonde. I hope you will enjoy the cam show I just did last night. Here are some screenshots from the cam show. No acting, just being naughty here. The whole show and pics are going up today for members of my site.

Let your inhibitions go and have some different, exciting sex with your partner. Role play some or just wear a sexy outfit that you normally wouldn’t do. It spices everything up and to be can actually bring you closer together if both of you are into it.

Hope you see you inside my site to play soon too!! Love, Catalina Cruz

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