Catalina Cruz live boob bowl last night

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We are gearing up for the Super Bowl tomorrow! I had my live boob bowl last night. I practiced many moves with the team, the team was those that were there watching me! I think you will love this naughty boob bowl that is going up tomorrow morning, the day of the Super Bowl! Toys, tits and orgasmic touchdowns with a cum countdown.

Today I am spending time with Rezzo, our family bull terrier that has made many appearances on my social media. Some of my family had to travel for a funeral so we needed to take care of you while they are gone. Everyone loves Rezzo!! Bull Terriers require mega attention and need to get a ton of energy out. I take her on usually two walks and we play quite a bit. They tend to be OCD so she will want to do the same thing over and over and seem to not get tired but they need to rest. It is a lot of work but I do love it and talk about relieving stress and bringing laughter, she sure does that when she is with us. You just need to be a patient person if you are going to own a bully.

Come watch my XXX Boob Bowl tomorrow if you missed it. It will be released tomorrow, Sunday, February 7th in the morning. I also have a new private messaging system for my members. Come play with me! I post on my story as well as privately too. Much love, Catalina Cruz

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