Catalina Cruz bikini fun on July 4th Holiday

Every fourth of July, I think about how grateful I am that I was born in the United States. The First Amendment comes to mind specifically. The freedom of speech, freedom to exercise whatever religion you believe in or maybe you don’t believe in religion at all. If it was any different, many of us would be prosecuted for having blogs and especially adult oriented websites. This is where my minds goes while we all are having cookouts, pool parties and watching fireworks. The United States isn’t perfect by any means but when I read about young girls getting acid thrown in their faces in other countries for simply choosing to go to school it deeply saddens me and it makes me reflect on being born in one of the countries where you have the freedom of choice and that many times this is taken for granted.

Speaking of freedoms… Here are some randomn phone pics I took over the weekend. Only five days until my live cam events! Three special live porn star shows. Join up now so you don’t miss them. If you can’t come to all of them, they all will be archived so you can watch them when you have time to.

I will be live today at 2pm est for a chat and play. Come join me for a relaxing cam session:)

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Catalina Cruz

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2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz bikini fun on July 4th Holiday

  1. Chil

    your backyard is like living in Paridise Cat,and then theres you laying there enjoying it.Id be climbing the wall trying to peak at you.Thanks for the beautiful pics.

  2. Ryan

    That’s your backyard? Can I come over? That water slide looks like fun! 🙂 You are my second favorite adult star ever? The first? Jenna Haze!!! Who I still dream about going on a date with! She is one of the beautiful women I have ever seen in my life!!!
    Catalina- have you worked with, or met Jenna Haze ever? Any stories!!!

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