Catalina Cruz bikini busting live cam show video archived

Heads up! I have moved my live cam show to this Thursday, April 27, 2016 at 8 pm EST. I will be breaking the sybian out and taking a spin on it.

It is warming up here in the desert. Bikini season is starting so to celebrate, I wore a bikini in my last live show which didn’t stay on for long per the usual by in any event, tis the season for itsy bitsy bikinis! I enjoyed my coconut lotion during the show. If you missed it, it is now up for members to see.

Lately, I’ve been working my butt off in the gym and at home lifting my booty higher. I want to get a Brazilian Butt lift naturally with hard work. It is coming along but I’m just in pain often but it is a good type of pain knowing I am getting somewhere. I have been eating healthier too. I have always ate healthy but now I watch my portions even more than ever along with more protein than carbs. I have cut out almost all sugar totally. No soda. I am into spritzers if I get a sweet tooth where I mix a sparkling water and mango/cranberry juice. It is refreshing and so much better for you. It has been crazy, hard for me because I use to love my sweet treat runs to get ice cream or frozen yogurt. I LOVE really just everything… I adore food. lol really… no joke though. I am proud of myself so far. Hopefully I can keep going and go even further. Xo Catalina Cruz

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12 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz bikini busting live cam show video archived

  1. mike

    Your So Fkn Sexy !!!
    Angels in heaven are jealous of you !!
    that bikini look so good on you. you know your really lucky can’t grab you through my computer screen ,because i would never let go.
    your so much fun ,and having you get really naughty is the best !!!
    thank you for all the joy !!

  2. Henry I

    She is soooo beautiful! Agree with Codi. A bukkake show with some friendly dudes would be great with this pretty girl!!!

  3. nb

    Great idea to see her in a show with a group of horny guys with hard dicks. Imagine Catalina with a full cum sprayed face and body… She should suck on all dicks before getting their loads of goo

  4. LaLaLaLoLoLo

    Catalina Cruz is not only exceptionally beautiful but also proves anytime wisdom . Moreover, she can also very good handle a group of hard dicks . Would be nice if they could increase the number of dicks. I find the bukkake ideas not so bad . one, two dozen men around her jerking off on her smiling and beautiful face and her buxom big breasts . At the end fully plastered with cum Catalina has often proved that she likes sperm.

  5. collien v.

    Yes, she did fantastic blowbang shows! Thank you very much Mrs Catalina Cruz!

  6. Nebraska Jo Jo

    I think she already did something similar like bukkake. Four boys squirted their cum at least in her mouth in two or three blowbang shows.the next step would be to have sex with these boys in front of the camera or a black dick blowjob. But no matter what she does, it is always great to watch her

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