CATALINA CRUZ – Ready To Hit The Beach In New Bathing Suit

I am so ready for the heat to come. It’s time for some summer time beach vibes. The warmth, sunglasses, taking in the ocean salt smells, sunscreen/suntan lotion aromas and playing in the water. In celebration of springtime and summer here is a naughty “Beachy Vibes” video for you to get you in the mood for the sunshine weather. Here are some very tame screenshots of this oil fetish video.

I will be live on cam this week, April 6th at 7pm ET and if you can’t make it to the show, it will be archived as always inside my site and inside my

I also am available for fan custom videos too this coming week.

Even if you don’t have sunshine right now where you live, we can create sunshine in our minds. Think positive warm vibes. I believe in the power of positive thoughts. Good things can eventually come if we believe it will.

Love, Catalina Cruz

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