Catalina Cruz I have new BIGGER boobies now

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Hi! First, thank you for all the birthday wishes! I felt very loved and I appreciate you so much! I wanted to share some traveling photos with you as I flew to Florida last week. I was super nervous of course because of Covid-19. I’ve been just staying home a ton before this. I got tested for Covid the day after I flew in because I was getting surgery done the next day. It was negative, but I was still nervous because you can be positive and not have any symptoms. I have new boobies now that I am excited to bring to you. I just have to heal now. It will be a longer recovery this time. I will be spending a lot of time on my private Snapchat while I am recovering. I will be doing some live cam shows too for members of my site while I am healing but with my top on for a while. You know I love to tease you all anyway and my bottoms can come off. wink wink If you are a BIG tits lover, then you will be in breast heaven.

Here are some photos from Fort Lauderdale. We met a huge iguana when we got to our hotel. I just read that Florida is encouraging homeowners to kill them. That makes me so sad. He was so adorable to me! They aren’t a danger to humans. I guess they can do damage to property. So, the first few days before surgery, I was able to go to the beach and relax for some time. Everywhere we went most people had a mask on except at the beach. It was nice to see people respectful and spreading out keeping distance.

Here are some snapchat selfies too! Come chat with me. I will be on there often as the twins recover. When you are a member of my site, you get access to my private snapchat too. Members will be the first to see my brand new big tits. Let me emphasize, BIG! I am nervous to show them off because everyone always has an opinion but I already love them and it is early, day 9.

I hope you all are healthy and smiling. I am sending good vibes your way!! ~ Catalina Cruz

13 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz I have new BIGGER boobies now

  1. Georgio

    Well done you… ????????you’ll for ever remember them as the “Covid” twins????
    pleased that meet your expectations and you are heathy after your surgery and travels.
    Heal quickly ????

  2. webmaster Post author

    ok yes Catalina Cruz traveled to Florida last week to a doctor that specializes in BIG boobs. She always wished she went bigger the last time she had surgery. So she felt it was a good time to do it. I am not going to tell you the exact CC amount of the new boobs. Lets just say they are BIG. This type of surgery is going to take some time to recover. She is doing well, just sore still for another week or so. In my opinion they look amazing already, just a bigger version from the last boobs.

  3. alec neville

    I was a fan before you had your previous enlargement and after a while liked that enlargement. I suspect it will be the same again.

  4. name


    I’m a member of your site, and I do not see the below content in your site.


  5. webmaster Post author

    This video has now been added to Catalina’s members area “naughty-catalina-cruz-fingers-her-ass-before-anal”

    Thank you for pointing this out to us.

  6. webmaster Post author

    See this is the kind of comment that makes you look dumb! “BBC avoiding milf…”
    Catalina Cruz has worked with Isiah Maxwell 3 different scenes. So your comment makes NO fucking sense.

    Do you even you know her career at all? Or just like to make dumb comments?

  7. anonymous

    Hi. We hope to see the pair of new CATAS, they must actually be big, they must be prepared for an IR MONSTERS GANG BANG, hopefully it will happen, when will the next show in Catalina see when reviewing the page it shows down, we hope that the show is Come very soon, I hope, we look forward to the presentation of your BIG BIG TITS, a hug

  8. webmaster Post author

    Catalina is healing well since she had surgery and each day is feeling better and better. Its going to be a few weeks till she does a live webcam show. Probably in November sometime. Its her call when she is ready. If you liked her last boobs you will LOVE these. She just needs to heal a few more week.

  9. anonymous

    Hello, there is good news on the page, I appreciate those publications they motivate us more to wait for your return, Catalina we are waiting for those HUGE TITS, and many more now that you published that a big surprise will come, you want to know what it is and when? enter the page, we hope it is something that they have never but never seen before, there is still a bukkake, an orgy, or an IR (MONSTER) GANG BANG, I could suggest if the surprise includes sex is a little stronger, you can do it Catalina you have shown us that you are the best, one more question, is access to see the next live shows blocked? do not allow access thanks …. a hug

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