Catalina Cruz pink anal play toy ring on my finger

My live cam shows are always interesting and unpredictable even to me because I never know who will show up in the chat room. Kevin Durant and the Cavs showed up as I played with my pink anal play toy ring on my finger. I always love playing with all of you. I know I entertain you but you also entertain me too! I am getting warmed up and practicing for my anal sex game day that is happening live on cam June 20th at 7pm Eastern time. Members of my site can see my live shows exclusively for free. Here are a few tame screen shots from this anal warm up show. The whole show will be archived if you missed it.

Tonight is game five of the NBA finals! I don’t want it to end so I hope the Cavs bring it. One game at a time! I think both teams are just amazing and so exciting to watch. I have such respect for athletes who give their all and play with passion and heart. I have a feeling there are going to be some fights and tension this game. We will see:)

Hope to see you inside my site finally! My next live sex shows are June 17th & June 20th. Much love! Catalina Cruz

9 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz pink anal play toy ring on my finger

  1. Georo Vivino

    Catalina is the right girl for a gangbang-bukkake party! She should do a show in this matter. PLEASE

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