Keep your head up, things will get better 2020

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Sometimes in life things have to happen for change. This is one time in my life where this is it and our family is going through one of the hardest things we have ever gone through. I’m honestly writing this blog because I am trying to keep busy too and forcing myself to keep going. I know it is important to take time away but I also need balance of staying busy to not lose my mind and life. I hope this makes sense. I know it’s hard to understand because I am not explaining what we are going through but I want to just stay quiet until we get to a better, healthy place.

I did an update of my site of one of my last live cam shows that is now up. The screen shots along with the video. We will keep updating as always for you. Thank you so much for your support and care.

Much love to all of you! I wish you all peace and happiness in your lives. It is so important in our lives. Love, Catalina Cruz

3 thoughts on “Keep your head up, things will get better 2020

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