Catalina Cruz ER Drama

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The past week has been interesting. I learned a lot from it though. Last week my left arm all of a sudden went completely numb and just felt dead and limp, like I couldn’t lift it and I felt warm and dizzy. It happened again the next day which scared me because I thought maybe it was a mini stroke but I just wasn’t sure. I went to the urgent care and they sent me to a same day care with the hospital and then I ended up at the emergency room because they said I was having stroke like symptoms. I stayed the night and in the morning found out that my cervical spine test showed I have an injury to my neck. Four discs are protruding which is causing my arm to go numb every so often. I had no idea so I think recently I hurt it at the gym or dancing. I am not sure. It’s crazy how your body is so connected and can make other things go haywire. I am just sharing this with everyone because sometimes your symptoms may be something you didn’t even know or think of. I am very grateful that it was this in the end because honestly I was scared. So, just have to follow up with a doctor and can’t do crazy workouts right now. I learned a lot about strokes and what to look for and what tests to do which is good to know when you are out and about and with family.

Here are some screen shots from my last live cam show where I did some erotic dancing to music and got very naughty with lots of oil. The show is now archived if you missed it! My latest dp is now up in the member area too if you haven’t seen it just yet.

Tomorrow, Monday my members will have access to a brand new website with a ton of exclusive content!!! So now is the time to become a member! So many site inside to keep you happy and honry!

Cheers to happiness and good health! Thank you for all the very sweet tweets on twitter too! Love, Catalina Cruz

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  1. mikey

    Take it Ez !! You Look Great Just as You Are -Even That Girl Who Played on Flash Dance Can’t Do What She Did 20 yrs Ago, I’m Really Glad You Did’nt Have a Mini Stroke ,Now You Can Give Us a Major Stroke Every time You Cum On Cam lol, And Believe Me a Major Strokin Were Doing !!

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