Catalina Cruz National Championship prediction

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Tonight is the National Championship college game is tonight. Our family loves sports like a child loves candy so I am sure it will be on the big screen. I am not a huge college football lover but I love watching any competitive game. I get the feeling that Alabama may take the win but we will see. I know Nick Saban is a great coach but this is all I really know. lol Ask me about NFL and I have a lot more knowledge.

I will cheer both teams on with some naughty photos from one of my last live cam shows from last week. I had two last week. It is now archived if you missed it. My next live cam show event is January 16th at 7pm ET. It is my first DP so make sure to make a little time to come watch and play with me the 16th. If you are busy, you can still catch it as it will be archived in 4k and VR too afterwards.

Hope your manic Monday is going smooth & happy. Make this week count. Each day goes by so quickly!! Don’t get in a bad habit of groundhog day where every day is basically the same. Mix it up, try new things and live your life:) That is my Monday motivation. xoxo Catalina Cruz

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