Catalina Cruz my real life sexual journey

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I’m thinking out loud here on my blog today. What you see on my site is really my life, what I choose to do. Since it is my own company, it gives me the freedom to do what I actually want to do and not what a company is hiring me to do. When I do choose to do something that is beyond what I normally do, it is because I want to try it, experience it. I’ve seen so many feel unhappy because they were pushed into a scene that they didn’t want to do. Although I am a people pleaser, I also do what I am comfortable with and want to do. I love hearing your fantasies and requests, just know that the show is also my real life too. I guess what I am saying is, I do love my fans yet I know there will be times where I can’t always please everyone. I just love sharing my sexual journey with you. Thank you to the ones that get it and respect what I choose to do sexually on camera:)

My next live cam shows inside my members area are:
Saturday, August 5, 2017 – Solo Show + Chat @ 11am ET
Saturday, August 12, 2017 – Yoga Pants Boy/Girl Sex Cam Show + Chat @ 6pm ET

Love, love, love!! Catalina Cruz

1 thought on “Catalina Cruz my real life sexual journey

  1. mikesline

    Awww Love Ya Cat , you are the coolest cat of them all ,and happiest too cuz you hold the reins in this biz !!
    thank you for being so good to me -“us” fans , lots of love as well as lust for beautiful you .
    You really are an incredibal women ,beautiful intelligent and with the sweetest heart how can we not ,love you !!
    thank you Cat for all the naughty ,funny juicy times ,i’m so happy and appreciative you do that for “us” -me , and it’s in our future too ,i’ll never get enough of coconut oil n you -lol
    thank you cat

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