Catalina Cruz Happy Thanksgiving 2017

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Each year I usually do a grateful blog about things that I am thankful for. This year when I think about what I am thankful for, it is just simply everything even the bad moments because they just make us stronger at some point even though we don’t realize it at that particular moment when it is happening. I am super grateful for my family, they are my rock and we are there for one another no matter what. I never thought at some points along the years that we would be such a positive support system for each other. I am extremely thankful for you if you are taking your time to read this. It was a year of growth with my websites and it can’t ever happen without your support. You fuel it all. Many times, I think people in entertainment take this for granted. Please know I appreciate you very much. Thank you! I am grateful for laughter. To me, it is just as close as you can get to euphoria from an orgasm. I think it is so needed in life. I hop you all find something to laugh and smile about today.

Now, onto sex… of course! What do you think of my newest scene that just was released this week? Did you enjoy the creative pop shot? Brandon got artsy there for a moment. LOL It was such a memorable day with Isiah. Go watch my very first interracial scene if you haven’t yet and let me know your thoughts here in the comments or tweet me. I do love hearing from you.

My next live cam show is November 26th at 7pm ET. Come see me, chat and interact with me with me LIVE!

Enjoy your holiday if you are celebrating tomorrow! Thank you again for joining my site and being a part of my life.

Love, Catalina Cruz

7 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Happy Thanksgiving 2017

  1. designo

    I have been following your for over ten years now, Catalina. But no scene you have ever released rivals the scene with Isiah.

    You were so energetic and hearing you moan while riding his big penis was so hot.

    Hoping this was just the beginning of many, many more Interracial scenes to come.

    Happy holidays!

  2. BigShot

    I liked interracial scene but i prefer see Catalina work with more boys like gangbang, blowbang or bukakke. Interracial gangbang would be amazing with Mandigo, Dredd, Jason Luv, Julio Gomez.

    I think she was better with more guys in same time. I hope see new scenes soon.

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