Catalina Cruz coconut oil show was so fun

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In the blink of an eye, everything can change so quickly. As each minute passes my conscious is very aware of life and how I need to really live after so many lives have been terribly lost. I’m thinking of everyone who has lost a loved one in the Vegas shooting and all of the natural disasters that have been happening too. If I had a wish. It would be for everyone to be more sensitive and loving to one another. Be more aware of how another might feel and also to speak up if something doesn’t seem right with someone. Too often, I think we don’t say a word when someone isn’t healthy with their mind and then horrific things happen.

I had a live coconut oil show Sunday earlier in the day. Here are some screen shots from the show. It is being archived in 4k and in virtual reality too. I hope you will have a smile for me and I can make you feel good even for a short while. In this crazy world, I feel like we need to take time to be happy as well.

My next live cam is Monday October 9th. See you soon!!! Sending everyone tons of love and my thoughts always. Love. Catalina Cruz

5 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz coconut oil show was so fun

  1. Daniel

    Catalinas live shows are incredible!I hope we soon can watch about more guys cum on her face. BUKKAKE PLEASE

  2. Carlo R. Gusto

    She is the most beautiful in the industry. Hope to see her in more hardcore stuff in the future.

  3. Mikesline

    That was a blast !! had so much fun with you ,you and coconut oil equals a hard cock to stroke !!
    you made my day bright and Shiny !! sticky too lol
    love you cat ,thanks for being such a sweetheart and so real and so much fun ,your great -in every way ,!!
    especially when your ass is shiny and right in my face -haha
    love to make you laught while getting juicy ,cuz i dew love ya feeling good
    muah ,thank you
    much luv to you

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