Catalina Cruz first ever interracial encounter with Isiah Maxwell

The holidays are just sneaking up on us so quickly. Lets remember to be extra sweet to one another during this time as so many struggle during this time. A very happy time can be stressful too. I am cooking this year for Thanksgiving as I do every year. I really enjoy cooking especially when I get to cook dishes I normally do not cook throughout the year. I have a such a mama side to me.

Ok… well now for my very naughty mama side… I have a kinky treat for you this holiday! My very 1st interracial scene is releasing November 20th for members in 4k and virtual reality too. Here are some teaser pics from my time with Isiah Maxwell. When I first met Isiah, I found out we are both from Ohio, the Cleveland area originally! It was a nice surprise!! We had a memorable scene together that you don’t want to miss. You all voted for this scene and now you can watch us in full. I have so many photos from the day too that will go up too for members. Thank you to those that came and watched us live on cam together too!

I will back live on cam November 18th at 7pm ET. Come chat & play with me live!!

I hope your week goes the way you want it too, if it doesn’t just keep going. Eventually everything works out just sometimes not in the time we want it to. Sending good vibes your way! Love, Catalina Cruz

21 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz first ever interracial encounter with Isiah Maxwell

  1. Chekov

    Catalina Cruz – the best black cock doll ever. Let’s hope for more IR Scenes with this wonderful chick!

  2. Vaasa

    incredible. i did not think catalina ever makes ir. I hope she had great fun with Isiah. I support all ir gangbang or blowbang ideas and wishes with this dream woman.She has made many new events in the last few years. Congratulations and keep it up please!

  3. Miguel

    excellent scene unfortunately my PC suffered a breakdown and I could not hear the groans of Cata, but it is not long for it to be published on your page, in previous shows I think I heard you prepare a big surprise for Christmas is that true ?, my english it’s not as good as I’d like, I’m still working on it, I hope I can see hot scenes with Catalina a bit more wild if you want, I never thought that my JennaZ would come to these scenes I’m very happy about it, something more if you can I would ask you to take away my Twitter ban, it is very uncomfortable to have to enter from another profile and I can not say hello, I learned my lesson my little love, thanks for your great work Catalina

  4. JJ

    Catalina please do not succumb to all the demands! Your work is fantastic. What more could one want?Thanks for your work!

  5. Huge 3

    Just discovered this babe and blown away by her perfect body. Those tits are silicon perfection combined with a perfect waist and fat ass. Beautiful looking too. Don’t think I have ever seen a better body ever! Agree with comments she needs bbc .

  6. KECKO

    I don’t believe it – Catalina FINALLY did black cock!! Woohoo! the Blacked scene may signal the impending end of Catalina’s porn career.

  7. webmaster Post author

    KECKO, your comment is so confusing. You seem excited she did an IR scene, but then say this is the end of her career. Why in the world would this be the end? In fact, this is the beginning. This is Catalina Cruz who we are talking about here. She is like no one else in this business. She works for no other company in the biz and is exclusive to her official website. So when you are a fan of Catalina Cruz and join her website you are seeing her real life. She likes to try different things and is not stuck in one niche. At the end of the day she likes to work with nice people and produce fun and erotic live content for her fans to enjoy. Her sex and sexuality is the real deal.



    So Brandon speaks, who have been with Cata for a long time, we had to have patience, but in the end we are receiving our reward and if the user thinks that this is the end, it is very, very wrong, we will have Catalina for a while, and enjoy what that is coming, waiting for that big announcement of the December surprise ahead Cata, your fans will love you

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