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Sometimes I would like to but I can’t always answer every single question that comes in on the comments on my blog, twitter and through email, some of which are sometimes tough to answer but you deserve a reply. I wanted to take some time to answer some of the questions that come in often or recently here:

I saw that you are doing blow bangs now, when will the next live blow bang be?
I am currently doing a poll in my members area for who you would like me see me do my next blow bang with. It will happen this summer. Cast your votes here. You can vote once per day.

Will you ever do IR (interracial) scenes?
I tend to cringe when this question comes in because I don’t understand the divide at all. I see people, not the color of skin. I tend to look at whether someone takes good care of their skin rather than anything else. I have done interracial scenes with women over the years. I haven’t done any interracial movies with men thus far. It doesn’t mean that it is off the grid for me.

Do you do private cam to cam shows?
Yes, while I don’t promote that I do these very often, I do have a link inside my members area to book time with me. If you would like to have a private cam to cam live show with me you can go to I offer private shows, customs and memorabilia.

Do you have any anal sex videos in your members area?
Yes, I have done live boy/girl anal sex cam shows that are now in the archives to view when you want. Videos like the Forbidden Sweet Spot are videos you will enjoy.

Will you have sex with website members?
No. I have met website members before in person. We hugged, kissed on cheeks, even picked me up and talked. I have had private cam shows and phone calls with members as well. I may do a special contest this year that you will love to be a part of.

Do you escort?
No, I have never escorted. While I would love to cater to everyone’s fantasy and have sex with all of you I simply would be too scared to do this just because I’ve heard horror stories. Also, what I do is legal and I am happy. I would never want my family to have to come bail me out of a very bad situation because they can and does happen. Some of the offers I’ve had were tempting though. lol The numbers can get very high.

Do you enjoy men or women better?
I would say I can’t live without a man for sure especially romantically. Physically, I am attracted to both men and women. I realized I enjoyed women sexually when I was in my late teens.

You are too pretty to be in porn. Don’t you have any other goals in life?
I recently got this comment on question through twitter. Thank you for the compliment. I also feel that it is a back handed compliment too. What people don’t understand is that so much more goes into what I do, it has become a business that is run daily. I do see myself as a business women just as anyone else running a business that they started from scratch. My life is filled with so much more than just having sex on film. I am an accountant, travel agent, art director, webmaster, writer, some days performing and most importantly Mom every single day. These are just some of the things that are my responsibility on a daily basis. My goal in life really is to be a good person and treat people the way I would want to be.

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I could use a massage right now. I have been working out harder and more than I ever have before even compared to when I did mainstream fitness modeling. It feels like everything is sore lately but I like it. It is almost getting addicting. It is a good addiction though in my opinion, as long as I am eating healthy and resting too. I have way more energy now… well like I really need more. I am hyper to begin with. Last night, one of my workouts was doing ground and pound into a bag on the floor:) I will tell you one thing, if you have any anger or energy to get out, it works! Just be careful with your hands and wrists. You need to wear protective gear that you can find online. Just search for Muay Thai equipment or gear.

Thinking about a good massage… brings me to some classic , sensual spa photos I did with Dayton Rains. These are some of my very favorite girl on girl photos I’ve taken. The ones I posted are extremely tame ones compared to the whole set in the members area. Lots of extreme closeups and very kinky positions. I remember being so aroused during the shoot which makes me realilze why they are some of my favorites. I’ve always had the classic fantasy of getting a massage that ends up with an orgasm. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

My next live cam show for members is Thursday, May 5, 2016 @ 8pm EST. Come play with me! Also my sybian show is up now for members too if you missed my last one.

Stay happy, healthy and fit for me! It will lead to more energy which leads to better sex and orgasms.

Love, Dr. Catalina Cruz 🙂

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Hola!! I can’t believe Sunday is already May 1st! Time is the most valuable to me. Each day matters more and more to me. You can never get it back, I think sometimes we all forget that. Everyday is precious so make it count.

I’ve been getting many requests especially lately on if I do private one on one (cam to cam) shows. Yes, I am currently making time to do them. Here is a link to my store if you would like to book one with me as well as if you would like a special custom video too:

Catalina Cruz private cam show contest this weekend:
Also, just until Monday, May 2nd if you sign up to be of member of my official website for one month or longer(must spend atleast $24.99 to be eligible for the contest). I will be randomly choosing someone that will win a 30 minute private cam show with me! The show will be decided between both of us what day/time is best. This is a rare offer so make sure to sign up by Monday! –>

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Heads up! I have moved my live cam show to this Thursday, April 27, 2016 at 8 pm EST. I will be breaking the sybian out and taking a spin on it.

It is warming up here in the desert. Bikini season is starting so to celebrate, I wore a bikini in my last live show which didn’t stay on for long per the usual by in any event, tis the season for itsy bitsy bikinis! I enjoyed my coconut lotion during the show. If you missed it, it is now up for members to see.

Lately, I’ve been working my butt off in the gym and at home lifting my booty higher. I want to get a Brazilian Butt lift naturally with hard work. It is coming along but I’m just in pain often but it is a good type of pain knowing I am getting somewhere. I have been eating healthier too. I have always ate healthy but now I watch my portions even more than ever along with more protein than carbs. I have cut out almost all sugar totally. No soda. I am into spritzers if I get a sweet tooth where I mix a sparkling water and mango/cranberry juice. It is refreshing and so much better for you. It has been crazy, hard for me because I use to love my sweet treat runs to get ice cream or frozen yogurt. I LOVE really just everything… I adore food. lol really… no joke though. I am proud of myself so far. Hopefully I can keep going and go even further. Xo Catalina Cruz

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It is Margarita & titty time again with Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, May 5, 2016! My whole sex show with the beautiful and busty Alyssa Lynn is available for members to watch if you didn’t see it yet or want to watch again. If you adore big, full breasts you will LOVE Alyssa! Along with having some great boobs, she is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. If we lived in the same state, I swear we would be bff’s! I had such a blast with her! Beauty to me is truly on the inside but of course… I will take the rest too. A major bonus for sure! Shout out to Alyssa for one of my all time favorite shows and days.

Catalina Cruz with Alyssa Lynn Porn Threesome Cinco De Mayo – See it now!

Join to see us together, here is a teaser video and a few pics to get you warmed up for more!

Catalina Cruz

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I think it is time to break out the sybian for my next live show. The sybian is a sex toy machine that comes with different attachments that you slip on and can straddle and ride while there is a control knobs to adjust the speed. There is a rotation knob and a vibration knob. You can adjust it as little or as much as you’d like. I just got an email from a member about my shows with other girls that I’ve had live with me riding the sybian. They are always so much fun not only riding in but being the one in charge of the controls when someone else is riding it. There are always lots of laughs and intense orgasms if it is done correctly:) Everyone is different and prefers it either nice, steady and slow and others like it intense vibrating at the highest intensity. The trick is just communicating and knowing what you like. Here are a few photos from my live sybian show with Cassandra. This show is available to watch in full in my members area.

Come watch me take a spin on the sybian, Wednesday, April 27, 2016

xoxox ~ Catalina Cruz

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Bikini season has started in the desert. It always starts early and comes on strong. I don’t mind the heat though. I’ve gotten used to it and I tend to get cold easily so since I’m naked or close to it a lot, it is the perfect place to live for me. Here are some selfies before my live cam show I did this past Tuesday. I have done so many live cam shows and at times it still seems new to me. I get butterflies still every time before I go live. I like it that way though because it doesn’t get old to me. This was a no taboo Tuesday show as one of my members calls it. I practiced and played with my forbidden sweet spot to get ready for my live DP show in May. Mia Lelani and Reena Sky Give Catalina Cruz DP Anal Sex Lesbian Threesome May 17, 2016

On a serious note, over the years, sadly there has been quite a few prescription drug overdoses in the adult business where there was a death or have come very close to it. WWE legend, Chyna passed away just yesterday. Early reports are saying that is it from a prescription drug overdose. My thoughts are with her family and friends right now. I truly believe people are still so accepting of prescription drugs especially doctors who seem to still write out prescriptions so easily and give into addicts manipulation. I have seen it even within my own family. If you are hurting and you know deep down you don’t need prescription drugs anymore, reach out, ask for help from anyone who you are comfortable with. Time is of the essence because waiting just one more day could be your last. It is so dangerous because people are mixing so many together and may not even realize they are overdosing. I think it is a topic we just skip over and don’t talk about enough. It has started but still needs to be addressed. Here is a link if you need a hotline or help:

Love to you all!!! My next live cam is Wednesday, April 27, 2016 @ 8pm EST – Solo Show + Chat

Come play, chat and watch me. My site is so much more than just me, you get access to 25 adult websites! Variety is the spice of life! Xo Catalina Cruz

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One of the most sensual, kinkiest live shows I have done was a recent one this year. It was a four guy blowbang. What excited me the most about it more than anything was the tease leading up to the blowjobs. I love to make others feel good, it is a playful game to me to get them throbbing for more. There was a lot of kissing and rubbing each one in a row as they sat on two sofas and I crawled back and forth to each of them. The whole video is available to members if you missed it and the photos are up now too as I type this blog.

Here are a few tamer teaser photos from my BJ bunny day. The guys were amazing and sweet. Many will say they were lucky, but I feel like I was a very lucky girl that day. XoXo Catalina Cruz

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I just did a virtual POV live cam show this past week for my members. I love making you feel like I’m touching you and giving you a personal experience. Here are some screen shots from my virtual blow job and hand job I did. I absolutely LOVE to give hand jobs. I love slowly rubbing and then using different rythmic speeds to make you feel good. Orgasms are like a vacation for a short moment, taking us away from all our worries even if it is briefly. I think it is so healthy and of course feels amazing.

The whole show is being archived so you don’t miss it. My next live cam is Tuesday, April 19th at 8pm EST. With the warmer weather approaching here in the desert, I will be ready for you in a skimpy bikini ready with my oil to rub down for you while you watch. So, get ready to come on vacation with me Tuesday!

On a less sexy note, I’ve been busy the past few days or so remodeling my game room into a beach theme. I love painting and decorating myself. It is actually relaxing to me and I get to be creative. I get time off of the computer as well. I need more moderation in my life, I tend to become obsessive on certain things because I get so driven when I have goals.

Hope to see all of you who are reading this at my live show Tuesday! Make this month, the month you finally join me if you haven’t just yet:):)

xoxo Catalina Cruz

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You may or may not have heard the term, “slut shaming”. Slut shaming is the act of criticizing a woman for her real or presumed sexual activity, or for behaving in ways that one thinks are associated with her real life or presumed sexual activity.

To me, slut shaming is a modern day version of sexism. One of my biggest issues with slut shaming is that it is completely directed towards women and a huge double standard. My earliest memory of being slut shamed was in high school walking into the classroom to take a seat and a few of the guys in the class would do the blow job hand movement to their mouths until I sat down. At this age and time, I hadn’t had the experience yet of even giving a blow job yet. I was still a virgin. The assumption was that I was a slut because I wore tight jeans and miniskirts.

Now as an adult and especially being in the adult industry, I deal with slut shaming on different levels. My tolerance is higher obviously because the career I have chosen. Yet, I wonder a lot of times where people lost their manners or why they were never taught manners in the first place. That is what I believe has been lost. Some people are so quick to just say exactly what they are thinking without maybe thinking what that person might feel inside when hearing it. My family does motocross and I have had some experiences when I would walk by a certain group of guys, they would say, “Anyone know where the closet strip club is?” Just poking fun at the fact that I’m in porn. There is a time and place to talk dirty in bed or during my live cam shows. Even in my chat rooms during my live cam shows, my members are usually extremely respectful and we can be open sexually without being abusive or rude.

The reality of slut shaming is that many women and young girls are even being slut shamed when they are the victims in rape cases and assaults. If in some way, if they hadn’t dressed a certain way or acted a certain way then the crime might not of happened. The truth is whether you have a lot of sex, never have, wear tight clothing or loose clothing, you do not deserve this. My hopes are that when people feel the urge to shame a woman that they will think twice and make the right choice to have respect for her mind and body.

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